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Anglo Irish Refrigeration has a dedicated team of engineers on hand to look after our clients who have maintenance contracts with us.

These engineers consistantly, and regularly, visit the listed sites in a planned and scheduled way throughout the year in order to carry out tasks such as;

  • Condenser Fan and Condenser Checks – These Ensure that Good Air Circulates within the Cabinet Taking Place so Ideal Heat Rejection is Taking Place.
  • Checking Compressors are Running as Intended and as Designed.
  • Carrying out Refrigerant Leak Tests and Making Sure that Repairs are Carried out in a Swift and Prompt Manner.
  • Keeping Records of all Gases Used by the Systems in Accordance with the F-Gas Regulations, as well as the ODS Regulations.
  • Checking Systems Controllers are set Correctly and Optimised.
  • Making Recommendations to the Owners and Managers of Systems in an Effort to Improve System Performance and Lower Running Costs.