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Snack Counter Hot

The Snack Counter Hot is a heated food display produced by Wiha.


Product Features:

Heated Display Case with Hotplate

Merchandise Displays made of Toughened Black Glass

Lower Hotplate Adjustable from 30°C to Approx. 110°C.

Temperature of Heat Radiators Adjustable from 30°C to Approx. 75°C.

Open on Customer Side and with Rounded, Angled or Slanted Glass

Open on Service Side with Sliding Doors or Wing Doors

Intermediate Shelves Equipped with Hotplate under Toughened Black Glass.


 Product Dimensions:

520 KO

Model Height Width Depth
520 1.5 520mm 587mm 668mm
520 2 520mm 750mm 668mm
520 3 520mm 1075mm 668mm
520 4 520mm 1400mm 668mm

710 KO

Model Height Width Depth
710 1.5 710mm 587mm 668mm
710 2 710mm 750mm 668mm
710 3 710mm 1075mm 668mm
710 4 710mm 1400mm 668mm


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Snack Counter Hot

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