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Cheftop Plus

The Cheftop Plus is a combination oven produced by Unox.


Product Features:

Intelligent Interface

Designed to Grill, Fry, Roast, Smoke, Cook with Steam and More

Automatic Cooking Cycles

State of the Art Technology

Multi Point Core Probe

Up to 10 Simultaneous Timers

Synchronize Food Loads to Have Them be Baked at the Same Time

384 Memorable Cooking Programs

Automatic Washing


Product Dimensions:

Model Height Width Depth
3 GN 1/1 538mm 750mm 773mm
5 GN 1/1 675mm 750mm 773mm
7 GN 1/1 843mm 750mm 773mm
10 GN 1/1 1010mm 750mm 773mm
6 GN 2/1 842mm 860mm 1135mm
10 GN 2/1 1162mm 860mm 1135mm
6 GN 2/1 Gas 842mm 860mm 1135mm
10 GN 2/1 Gas 1162mm 860mm 1135mm


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