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The Genius is an open semi-vertical cabinet made by Oscartielle.


Product Features:

Single Lighting Canopy

Adjustable Shelves with PVC Price Holder

Electric Defrost

Electronic Controller

Digital Thermometer

Manual Night Blind

Automatic Evaporation of Condensing Water

Refrigerant R452a


Product Dimensions:


Model Height Width Depth
58 1109mm 580mm 680mm


Model Height Width Depth
63 1260mm 640mm 720mm
70 1260mm 710mm 720mm
100 1260mm 1027mm 720mm
135 1260mm 1340mm 720mm
200 1260mm 1965mm 720mm


Model Height Width Depth
63 1460mm 640mm 720mm
70 1460mm 710mm 720mm
100 1460mm 1027mm 720mm
135 1460mm 1340mm 720mm
200 1460mm 1965mm 720mm


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